I consider myself a citizen of the world, having roots in Spain, England, Belgium, and the United States. Music has been an indispensable part of my life.

From rock ‘n’ roll dancing with my Dad when I was little to playing the piano with my Mum and singing in my bedroom as a teenager, a life surrounded by music has always been “non-negotiable.”

I studied singing with Robert Jeantal, seeking him out after seeing him on TV, teaching multi-Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Alejandro Sanz. 

I began my performance career singing with the band Perversions, which I did for ten years while holding down my day job.

That experience with live music was incredible. The passion for music put us all in the same place. Sex, color, or form didn’t matter when we were playing and singing. It was an unparalleled, powerful, and liberating sensation.

With extensive training and professional experience in law, business, and international communications, I had reached the height of my career aspirations in London when music’s calling again took over. I left everything to enter a modern music school. The change was not easy. It was a radical transition.

I recorded my first EP, Just Be, in London with guitarist Iván Díaz. With strong roots in soul and R&B, I drank from the nourishing cup of world music styles, including samba, funk, Latin jazz, country, and contemporary Mediterranean music. The EP helped me achieve one of my dreams: a scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

At Berklee, I surrounded myself with incredible people and learned more than I had ever imagined. I was lucky enough to meet and become a close friend with Sole Giménez, who invited me to participate in the beautiful project "Avanzadoras", an album for OXFAM to support women and gender equality. I also met her beloved mentors: genius educator, artist, composer, and humanitarian Danilo Pérez, and his wife, Patricia Zárate Pérez, a musician, music therapist, and prominent businesswoman. With them, my relationship with music changed completely.

On a cultural exchange trip with my mentors in Africa, I found my passion for music therapy and uncovered the power of music as a tool for social change and healing. Since that time, I have worked in Boston and in Panama with children with special needs through the Danilo Pérez Foundation, as well as in Boston, at Children's Hospitals, various homes for the elderly, and the Fundación Amigos del Niño con Leucemia y Cáncer (FANLYC). I currently work at Berklee and my dream is to help build global music therapy programs that empower local communities around the world.

Meanwhile, the music never stops. Now I return in 2017 with a new EP, Moksha, recorded in both London (at Yak Bondy’s studio) and in Boston (at both the Record Company and Joey Blake’s studio). Produced by Bondy, Blake, and Javier García Escudero, the release contains six songs that offer an open and exciting musical panorama. I hope you enjoy what you see and hear. Love, Sophie